Ich Bin Mblinner

Surge Retro

I was lucky enough to present at Surge 2012, a great devops focused conference put on by OmniTi in Baltimore. I got a chance to talk about some of the stuff I’ve been doing at work, namely a fairly novel distributed system we’re building named Sirius.

I’d never been before, though some of my cow-orkers have, and seemed to enjoy it. I felt a little big Groucho Marx about the whole thing, not really sure if I wanted to go to a conference that would have me as a presenter, but I ended up being glad I did.

One fun moment:

At a bar after the speaker’s dinner, I notice the guy sitting next to me is really into the ball game. We start talking about baseball, how wonky the one game playoff is, how crazy things will be next year with all the inter-league play. Somehow we got from there to DTrace, the tracing framework for Solaris, and other operating systems.

Turns out the guy I was talking to knew his DTrace stuff, I mean really knew it. A few minutes into the conversation I realized I was talking to one of the co-authors of DTrace, a guy named Bryan Cantrill.